About Us

It all started at the crossroads of several trade routes since the 2nd millennium B.C, Aleppo always stood out as one of the key merchant centers along the silk roads. It was the early days of merchandising at what was recognized as the khans or caravanserais in old Aleppo where traveler merchants used to come to showcase and sell their goods. The founders of Bereoa grew up in the midst of these old souks and khans, they themselves were the children of famous merchants that were renowned for selling textiles, soaps and authentic local treasures.

In a mission to revive the memories and sparkle the past success of their families, the founders have gathered their experience and know-how which was transferred from father to son in a pledge to continue the legacy and contribute to the globalization of the traditional Aleppo soap.

Knowing their way around the old city and the most authentic soap factories there, the founders of Bereoa have regrouped after the Syrian crisis and reconnected with their ancestral roots. Unfortunately and due to the Syrian crises, most of the traditional soap factories were either harmed or destroyed and a few soap producers fled the damage to reestablish again in other countries. On the other hand, many soap producers decided to stay and after the circumstances were calm again, they dusted their ashes and rose up again hence rebuilding and restoring their factories in order to keep the production in its mother city Aleppo so the craftsmanship would not be transferred to other countries. These soap factories are still landmarks and tourist attractions. They carry a heritage, artistry and a habilitation message.


Today, Beroea is proudly collaborating with one of the first Aleppo soap factories dating back to the 1800s in Syria. Still following local tradition and trusting the miraculous benefits of the oils and herbs that our ancestors relied on, Bereoa’s suppliers all have in common; authenticity, years of knowledge, experience and undeniable high quality.


At Beroea, we are keen to provide our clients with the most natural care and wellbeing for their skin and hair. Our product is crafted according to native and authentic production techniques and notorious ingredients. Our cutting-edge strategy will allow us to become a leader in the soap and beauty industry by offering Aleppo Soap made ONLY in Aleppo and new essential oils products that complement our portfolio and are equally as beneficial and natural.


Because we believe in the authenticity and heritage of our product, we are dedicated to maintaining the original and authentic product untouched and remain faithful to the recipe of the Aleppo soap. In addition, we stand strongly by the survival of cultures; hence, we bring our own culture to life by saving the heritage of traditional soap-making and craftsmanship. We made sure to provide jobs for these men and women who proudly craft authentic soaps as well as preserve our heritage, culture and the peaceful face of Syria.

Our products are all safe and tested in state-of-art laboratories with strict criteria prohibiting testing on animals and guarantying certified quality.